Healthy Foods for Healthy Families

Individuals and families make choices every day about what they will eat and drink and how physically active they will be. Today, Americans must make these choices within the context of an environment that promotes over consumption of calories and discourages physical activity. This environment and the individual choices made within it have contributed to dramatic increases in the rates of overweight and obesity. Poor health outcomes, such as cardio-vascular disease, type -2 diabetes, and some types of cancer also have increased in tandem. To reverse these trends, a coordinated system-wide approach is needed—an approach that engages all sectors of society, including individuals and families, educators, communities and organizations, health professionals, small and large businesses, and policymakers.

Everyone has a role in the movement to make America healthy. By working together through policies, programs, and partnerships, we can improve the health of the current generation and take responsibility for giving future generations a better chance to lead healthy and productive lives.

Healthier Beginnings is working to educate and reduce this trend, through our partnership with Metropolitan State University of Denver we are launching “Own Your Health”. Own Your Health is outreach initiative to educate how to improve health, through nutrition and wellness. March of 2013, will launch the first annual celebrity chef event which will feature cooking demonstrations and easy ways to increase nutrition in everyday lives and promote an active lifestyle.