Preconception and Interconception

In the last ten years the City of Aurora’s percentage of African American/Black residents has increased almost 400 percent by 51,000 people. With this sharp rise in demographics, focusing on the health of preconception and interconception, newborns, and infants has never been more critical.

In 2006, Healthier Beginnings conducted interviews with healthcare professionals, community organizations and political leaders in Aurora. These interviews revealed an issue with the increased rates of infant mortality within the African American/Black community. The group that was formed to begin working overcoming this health disparity became known as Aurora Healthier Beginnings. Aurora Healthier Beginnings is now a program designed to achieve the mission of Healthier Beginnings, Inc.


Infants in the African American/Black community are almost two and a half times more likely to be born with low birth weight and die within the first year of life. This statistic continues to be supported by many research programs, including the Genesee Project Reach team that has studied infant mortality rate within this demographic since the 1990’s. Healthier Beginnings is working diligently to lower this rate to be more aligned with that of other ethnicities within the Aurora community. Through a combination of peer education, grassroots messaging and healthcare intervention, we can more effectively manage this health disparity.